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Sports Kit Recycling


Kahiu Aaron Mbugua works as a volunteer sports coach for schools and other groups in central Kenya. The kit that we donated has helped him to work with the most disadvantaged and far-flung rural schools, who could not afford to receive other coaching or take part in competitions.

Kahiu is determined to look after the kit, “If this uniform is well taken care of it can serve us for the next 10 years. I plan on squeezing as much life as possible from them!”

Team kits and the right equipment can make a big impact. This donation has influenced the way the teams play, they have bonded more closely and training is more organised as each team can be easily identified, they are also setting a standard that other teams are now aspiring to. The kit has helped the teams take on a more professional approach and individuals are planning better both in and outside of sport. As a result universities are now considering the players for scholarships. It has also improved confidence and team pride, “we looked like champions and we played like champions.” 

Having good kit has inspired Kahiu;

“your donation has made me a better coach because I concentrate on seeing my players excel, not only on the field but also in life. The kit has not allowed us to do some things differently, it has allowed us to do everything differently.”


February 2021

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