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The aims of The Lord's TavernersWe aim to...

Enhance the prospects of disadvantaged and disabled young people using cricket and other forms of sport and recreation to engage with them.

We envisage a future where all young people, irrespective of background and ability, have the everyday opportunity to play cricket and enjoy other sports and physical activities to the benefit of their self-esteem, health, education and future socio-economic potential.

The Lord's Taverners gives disadvantaged and disabled young people a sporting chance. We achieve this by:

Using specially adapted forms of cricket and cricket equipment to engage with young people and enable the delivery of a variety of youth development programmes.

  • Delivery, management and support of inner city, disability and other youth cricket activities and competitions.

  • Supporting the installation of non-turf pitches to increase the opportunities for young people to play and donation of hundreds of cricket equipment bags to communities, clubs and school teams across the UK.

  • Pathways for young people into employment, education, training and other positive activities, including mainstream cricket.

Supporting sporting and recreational activities for young people with special needs.

  • Supplying specially adapted minibuses and sports wheelchairs, giving young people vital transportation and access to sport and recreation

  • Creating new pathways for their participation, development and competition in sport

  • Providing play, sports and sensory equipment