Radio X DJ provides Surrey minibus boost

25th Oct 2017
Radio X DJ provides Surrey minibus boost

Cherry Trees received a brand-new wheelchair accessible minibus today, with Radio X presenter Toby Tarrant - a Lord’s Taverners member and son of former President Chris Tarrant – there to make the presentation on behalf of the Lord’s Taverners.

Cherry Trees is a small charity providing home for home specialist short breaks for children and young adults up to the age of 19 with a range of complex disabilities including learning, physical and sensory impairments. Cherry Trees is a lifeline for the families of more than 100 children and young people who are regularly cared for here, whether it be after school for a few hours, a weekend or even a couple of weeks stay. In 2016, they provided over 64,000 hours of fun and care for young people.

The new 16-seat minibus will make a big difference to Cherry Trees, allowing the children and young people to be taken to and from school as well as on more excursions. It is specially adapted for those with large wheelchairs, and will give absolutely everybody the chance to go on excursions and trips. Another feature is how spacious it is, meaning children who struggle with space and sensory sensitivity, have more space around then, which really helps with their journeys. 

Clare Bryant, Cherry Trees Chief Executive, said “It’s huge for us, we transport the children to school in the mornings and pick them up in the afternoon to ensure that the parents don’t have to do that when they stay with us. We also enjoy taking children out for activities; a range of sporting and cultural activities, and being based in a small village outside the town, we need transport to do that. It’s important to us to give the children a range of opportunities, similar to their non-disabled peers.” 

Toby Tarrant said “It’s all volunteers working here, and the staff are incredible. We are giving Cherry Trees this minibus today which is going to make a huge difference. The thing that they keep drilling home here is that they want the young people here to have access to activities that every other child has and this minibus is going to be a huge, huge contribution towards doing that.

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