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Nomin8 and don8 for isol8.

Many of us have experienced isolation and loneliness over the past few months and recognise first-hand how challenging this can be. Our isol8 campaign is raising awareness of the impact of isolation and loneliness on disadvantaged and disabled young people. Can you help by donating £8 and nominating 8 friends to help raise vital funds and spread the word of our programmes.

Why we need your support

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What is the isol8 campaign?

Many of us have experienced isolation and loneliness over the past few months and recognise first-hand how challenging this can be.

Unfortunately, for many of the young people on our programmes, isolation and loneliness are feelings that are very commonly experienced in their lives, with disabled young people twice as likely to experience feelings of loneliness as their non-disabled peers.

Our programmes help tackle these feelings by providing new opportunities for our disadvantaged and disabled participants to meet new friends, socially engage and develop a wide range of personal skills.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the Lord’s Taverners programmes have come to a halt, denying many vulnerable participants the opportunity to regularly interact with friends and play sport. At this time we know there is an increased risk of feelings of isolation and loneliness for our participants.

We would like your help to support the Lord’s Taverners and raise awareness of the impact of these feelings that many of our participants are experiencing.

How can you help?

  • Make a one off donation here
  • Sign up to make monthly donations here
  • Share our campaign video from any of our social media channels using the below links and nominate 8 other people in your network to donate £8 and share the video while using the hashtag #isol8 and tagging us as well.

Why are we raising awareness of isolation?

1-hairstyle-style-shirt-man-people-manager-male-skintone-2.svg 77% of young disabled young people report feeling lonely
2 hairstyle, style, dress, female, people, woman, barbershop.svg 85% of young disabled adults (aged 18 to 34 years old) feel lonely
25 hairstyle, style, shirt, female, people, woman, tail.svg 2x Disabled children are twice as likely to be lonely compared to their non-disabled peers

don8 to isol8.

Our Cricket Programmes

support some of the most marginalised and at risk young people in the UK

Giving disadvantaged and disabled young people a sporting chance


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