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Our Safeguarding Policy

If you have a safeguarding concern to report, this page highlights the policies and procedures we have in place to ensure that everyone feels safe, respected, welcomed and supported while taking part in, working, visiting or volunteering at any of our programmes or other activities and events.

Our Purpose

The Lord’s Taverners positively impacts the lives of young people facing the challenges of inequality. We work across the UK and beyond to provide inclusive and impactful cricket programmes, empowering young people with disabilities and from disadvantaged communities to develop the knowledge, skills, capabilities and confidence required to overcome the challenges of inequality, raise their aspirations and reach their potential.

Our Commitment to Safeguarding

In carrying out all our work and activities our Trustees, staff, volunteers and members are expected to be fully committed to supporting us as a highly professional organisation where integrity and a set of core values are upheld at all times.  Our commitment to safeguarding is designed to ensure that everyone feels safe, respected, welcomed and supported while taking part in, working, visiting or volunteering at any of our programmes or other activities and events.

Our code of conduct and safeguarding policies provide a clear an unequivocal statement of intent and demonstrate our commitment to all, while also providing guidance and training and setting out clear expectations to those who are responsible for upholding them. Therefore, we will not accept or tolerate any behaviours that constitute harassment, bullying, exploitation, abuse or any other unacceptable behaviours or actions at any time. Trustees and the Senior Leadership and Management Teams will do everything within our power to ensure that issues, concerns or complaints are addressed, and action is taken where necessary.

We have a trained designated safeguarding lead officer - Anna Stogdon - who is surrounded and supported by a team of people who are responsible for ensuring the charity has a robust and comprehensive structure in place to uphold the commitments made within this statement and our commitment to everyone to enjoy their experience, whatever it may be, here at the Taverners. 

Mark Curtin                                   Tim Luckhurst
CEO                                          Chair of Trustees


What happens when you report a concern or incident to us

  • We will let you know as soon as possible that we have received your message and will respond to it within a maximum of 2 working days.
  • Details on how to contact Anna Stogdon, our Designated Safeguarding Lead, are listed below. You can also report your concerns through our report form which can be downloaded here or by writing to us at Lord's Taverners, 90 Chancery Lane, WC2A 1EU. Please address it to Anna Stogdon and mark it as private and confidential.
  • We will review and assess your concern and if we have any immediate questions about understanding your concerns we will get back to you. We will support you, offer advice and make decisions about the next steps to take.
  • We will pass on or act on the information you have shared on a need-to-know basis. If there is a serious concern about a child or adult at risk and you have shared information about their identity, we will make a referral by sharing the information with social services. If the child or adult at risk is in immediate danger we would also contact the police or other statutory service.
  • Regardless of the outcome of your concern, we will always encourage you to get in touch again if you need to.
  • We will keep detailed, accurate and secure records of all concerns and referrals.

Our Designated Safeguarding Lead

Anna Stogdon is the charity's designated safeguarding lead. All questions, queries, concerns, referrals and/or complaints should be directed to Anna in the first instance. You can email Anna at safeguarding@lordstaverners.org or by clicking the link below. You can also call her on: 020 3889 7518.

Email Anna

Our safeguarding team

Anna Stogdon - Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mark Curtin - Chief Executive Officer

Suzy Christopher - Trustee Safeguarding Lead

Amy Robinson - Compliance, Governance & Risk Officer


Our Safeguarding Policy

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You can download and read our safeguarding policy in full here.

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