lord's taverners impact report sports cricket charity 2016

We enable young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and those with disabilities to enjoy sport.

In addition to the young people we support, we measure our impact by the 'sporting chances' we create.

What is a sporting chance?
• It’s the chance to interact, play and train
• The chance to compete, win and lose
• The chance to learn, have fun and make friends

Every time our work directly impacts the life of a young person, we create a new sporting chance for them.

Our latest Impact Report highlights how we delivered over 1 million new sporting chances in 2016, which will create millions more in the years to come.

We’ve achieved this by providing:
40 specially adapted minibuses in the 40th anniversary of the programme
23 sensory rooms and 7 outdoor play spaces
• Recycled kit for 13 countries
77 multi-sports wheelchairs
• More than 45,000 boys and girls with the chance to enjoy cricket through community programmes
2,512 sessions in our disability cricket programmes

Our mission

is to enhance the lives of disadvantaged and disabled young people through sport and recreation

Our programmes

support some of the most marginalised and at risk young people in the UK

We create

a range of opportunities for young people from deprived areas and those with disabilities to engage in sport and recreational activities in their local communities

Our outcomes

• Increase opportunities for regular participation
• Motivate young people to engage in sport
• Improve health, social and psychological wellbeing
• Empower volunteers, coaches and teachers to deliver training sessions

Our partners:

BT Grange Hotels Berkeley Group Foundation Ford