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1 million young people are counting on us!

Every year we reach nearly 9,000 young people with disabilities across the UK, and yet over 1 million more are still not gaining access to sport and all the benefits it brings.

Meet Sam

Sam is a wheelchair user. When he was nine-week’s old Sam’s mum was told her son would probably never walk or talk after suffering a brain haemorrhage. He was also born with TAR syndrome, a rare genetic condition characterised by absent radius bones in the forearms.

But these days, Sam is far too busy playing and helping others with their cricket as a qualified coach to worry much about himself. 

‘Above all, cricket has given him a purpose and reason to get up in the morning’

His athleticism is little short of astonishing. Preferring to bat and bowl on his knees, cricket gives Sam the rare opportunity to get out of his wheelchair. 

He’s a fantastic role model for all aspiring disabled sports people and above all, cricket has given him a purpose and reason to get up in the morning.

If cricket is a tool to change lives for the better, Sam is the embodiment of it.

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We are changing lives

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