Our Impact

Increase Confidence and Self-Esteem

The growth of young people in all aspects of life is strongly linked to their confidence levels. Confidence is the foundation for young people to develop their personal skills, self-esteem and independence, which helps them lead more fulfilling lives.

Having good self-esteem is key for all aspects of life

Self-esteem and confidence are crucial to the development of young people with disabilities and from disadvantaged communities. Both can provide a springboard towards an increased sense of wellbeing and a platform to grow as a person within their community.

Regular activity improves mental health

Confidence is also key in keeping feelings of depression and loneliness at bay and our programmes offer an environment where young people can thrive through regular activity at local community hubs with peers, which can benefit all aspects of health. Taking part in regular sessions gives young people a healthy alternative to feelings of isolation and heavy social media use, both things that increase the risk of depression and anxiety.

Scarlett's Story


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