Her Game Too Partnership

We are delighted to announce our support of Her Game Too – the anti-sexism campaign led by female fans from sports clubs across the country to create a positive change.

The campaign was originally founded by 12 female football fans in May 2021, before branching into cricket a year later, with the message that sexism cannot, and will not, be tolerated within the sport.

Her Game Too aims to tackle sexism in cricket, promote inclusion, and encourage women and girls to participate in any capacity, with the target of promoting the message that cricket is Her Game Too.

Within the partnership, we will work with the campaign to achieve the mutual aims of increasing women and girls’ participation and championing female role models which is a key element of our future delivery and build on our work that saw a 42% increase in female participation across our programmes in 2023.

Katie Holland, our Youth Engagement Coordinator expressed “Our new partnership with Her Game Too is an exciting milestone for Lord’s Taverners on our journey to increase female participation on our programmes.

"From focus groups last summer, we know that women and girls from our programmes have been ridiculed, called names or laughed at for playing what's perceived to be a 'man's game', so we are thrilled to be supporting Her Game Too's campaign to tackle this damaging narrative about the sport, which not only deters women from playing cricket but also has damaging effects on the mental wellbeing of those who do play.

"At Lord's Taverners we are passionate about creating an 'I can play' mentality for ALL, and we’re committed to ensuring our programmes are a safe place for women and girls to enjoy cricket, make new friends and have fun without judgement.”


For more information about the Lord’s Taverners commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, click here

You can report any form of discrimination you have faced in cricket through the England and Wales Cricket Board's reporting channel, here.


Join the Movement, Drive the Change

Empowering young women and girls through cricket

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