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Session cookie:

Our website uses a 'session cookie' which is necessary for us to log into our website to make updates. This cookie has to be placed on every visit to our site as soon as you arrive whether you go on to log in or not.

This cookie is called:

Third party cookies - Google Analytics:

We use Google Analytics to count visitors to our website. Google Analytics can also tell us things such as which pages are looked at the most and how long people stay on those pages, so that we can make sure our website is performing well and seemingly giving people the information they need.

You can read more about how Google uses cookies on Google's website (link opens in a new window). If you would like to stop using this cookie, you can update your browser settings to block cookies.

The cookies set by Google Analytics on our site are called:

If you would prefer we didn't use Google Analytics during the rest of your visit please click here to disable these third-party cookies.

Consent and decline cookies:

Along the top of our website on your first visit you will have seen a strip asking you to consent to our cookie policy. If you clicked the "Hide Message" button, our site will have added a cookie to your browser so as to tell our website not to show you this message any more.

This cookie is called:

If you clicked the link above to turn off Google Analytics during your visit, our site will place the following cookie on your browser to remember this preference:

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