Get your club involved with the Lord's Taverners

Get your club involved with the Lord's Taverners and help give more disadvantaged and disabled children the chance to enjoy sport. It could be as simple as a match fee donation, bucket collection or wearing our stripy bat grips for the season- any support, no matter how small, is most welcome. 

If your club would like to organise their own fundraising event or would like to enter a team into challenge event, we can help you with this. We are more than happy to give advice, provide marketing materials and connect you with our regional volunteers. Click here for some useful fundraising tips. 

Please get in touch with our fundraising team on 020 7025 0000 or by email if you would like to raise money for the Lord's Taverners - we would love to hear from you. 

In the spotlight- Ashford Town Cricket Club

Ashford Town Cricket Club has decided to run a number of fundraising events for us this year. They held a very successful quiz night last December which raised over £900 and collected much needed equipment for SOS Kit Aid. This summer they are planning a beer festival on 26th May bank holiday weekend and a SOS Kit sorting day at the end of the season. Within the next couple of years they would like to have launched and established either a women's, blind or disabled cricket team.

It is inevitable that at some point someone will ask "what's in it for Ashford Town CC?" - here is what they had to say:

Well the benefit to us as a club is that above all else we just need more people coming back through the club . We lost number of senior players who retired when we merged with Old Stacians CC. The club then had a flood which destroyed the inside of the clubhouse inlcluding our changing rooms which we couldn't afford to replace for a couple of years. Then, to top it off we were victim to the theft of every last ounce of metal in the place. Parents took their colts elsewhere as it looked like the club would never recover. Haemorrhaging players at that rate and everyone's focus being on rebuilding resulted in former Kent Champions falling to successive relegations and this season being involved in yet another battle just to stay in Division III.
However, despite these setbacks we have recovered and thanks to lots of hard work and massive generosity for business, grants and individuals we have reopened our fantastic facility - which is why, rather than bemoaning the problems of the last 5 years, we now want to say a massive "Thank You" for the fact we are still here and to start paying all those favours and goodwill forward.
Of course we still need funds for things at the club, but that will come in time and all we really need now is to restore some pride to our profile and reputation, and to become a successful side once again - all of which can be achieved by us simply being a nicer place for people to play and watch cricket and by serving the community rather than just ourselves.


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