Lord’s Taverners sign Muslim Charter

We’re very happy to announce that we have joined the list of charities and organisations to have signed the Muslim Charter in conjunction with Nujum Sports, as part of our ongoing commitment to becoming the most inclusive charity we can be and continue playing our part in ensuring cricket is truly a game for all.

A key objective in the current charity strategy is to become a values led organisation, and as part of that we set out to demonstrate our commitment to ensuring equality, diversity and inclusion is at the heart of all that we do by embedding it into our organisational culture. Committing to the Charter is another step towards doing just that.

The Muslim Charter is the beginning of a journey for organisations to contribute to the equality and diversity landscape. Nujum Sports look to assist their sporting partners and affiliates in creating a framework to self-evaluate and help better understand the needs of those of Muslim faith.

Taking the pledge is just the beginning and we hope that everyone connected to the charity joins us in listening, learning, and helping to initiate positive change.

By signing the charter we commit to ensuring our events and programmes are as inclusive as possible to those of Muslim faith. This is inclusive of all supporters and beneficiaries of the charity, such as staff, participants, members, volunteers and partners.

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Charter for Muslim Inclusion

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CEO and Founder of Nujum Sports, Ebadur Rahman, said: “Embracing the spirit of unity and empowerment, the partnership between Nujum Sports and the Lord’s Taverners marks a commitment to championing positive change through cricket. By signing the charter, the Lord’s Taverners strengthens its dedication to inclusivity, creating a lasting impact on communities. Together, they illuminate the path towards a more inclusive and inspiring future in the realm of cricket.”

Wicketz Programme Manager, Dan Wilson, said: “This has been a great step forward for us as a charity in our commitment to ensuring all of our charitable activity is fully inclusive. We look forward to the continued partnership with Nujum Sports as we move forward and further our understanding of those from a Muslim faith.

We want the environments we create through our cricket programmes to be fully inclusive for everyone who wants to engage in cricket. We will continue to work with other organisations and communities to ensure that we are welcoming all those who wish to be involved with the Lord's Taverners across all of our charitable activity, whether they be participants, staff, members, volunteers, supporters and partners.”

To learn more about Nujum Sports and the charter please visit www.nujumsports.co.uk/muslim-athlete-charter/

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