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Charlie's Story

Charlie has been attending Super 1s sessions since 2019. He is autistic, an NHS worker and a role-model for young people in Liverpool.

Charlie was diagnosed with autism at ten. His early years were quite challenging with behavioural issues and schools that couldn't accommodate him.

From an early age, Charlie loved sports, but dealing with other children was never easy for somebody with his disability.

In 2019, Charlie joined our local Super 1s programme in Liverpool. Since then, he has developed a real passion for the sport, and thrived in a supportive and inclusive environment. 

Beyond developing sporting abilities, the most important part of Lord's Taverners Super 1s is that successes and developments at the sessions can be translated to other areas of wider life. 

Hearing that Charlie got a job on a local NHS trust and is now becoming a role-model for other young children with disabilities is nothing short of inspiring. 

As his father puts it, it's like "winning the Ashes!" Watch his story to learn more.

"Cricket was a real turning point for him. He seems to be really thriving!"


Inspire Award

In 2022, Charlie won one of our four 'Inspire Awards', receiving the much deserved recognition for using their leadership skills to support their peers, being a positive role model, using the skills they develop through cricket in other aspects of their life and making a genuine contribution to their community while using their own personal experience to positively impact the lives of young people around them.

The award winners between them showcase the development that can be made by young people living with disabilities through involvement with Super 1s.

Hear more about Charlie's inspiring story in the video below.

Inspire Awards



August 2022

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