Wicketz is a cricket programme initially aimed at young people aged 8-19, living in areas with high levels of poverty. It provides year-round weekly cricket sessions as well as workshops that teach vital life skills. It breaks down barriers. With the support of partners such as the Home Office and police forces, it tackles some of the most challenging social issues faced by young people in the UK.

What is Wicketz?

Wicketz is a cricket programme for young people aged 8-19, living in deprived communities. By establishing sustainable community cricket hubs, we provide year-round weekly cricket sessions with a focus on breaking down barriers, developing crucial life skills, creating stronger communities and enabling brighter futures for those taking part.

How does it work?

Each Wicketz project has a dedicated development officer responsible for the running of multiple local hubs within the area. They work closely with the young people that come along to the sessions, many of whom are from hard-to-reach groups, including young offenders, refugees and excluded pupils.

How does it help young people?

Through cricket, Wicketz aims to tackle local issues affecting young people and their communities. Alongside cricket coaching and games, the young people taking part have the chance to learn from role models, community leaders, local authorities and others. Specially designed workshops also boost well being, social education, community awareness, promote positive life choices and develop new life skills.

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Our Wicketz programme breaks down barriers, builds communities and empowers young people to build crucial life skills

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By establishing more sustainable hubs, it is our ambition that Wicketz will engage even more young people, leaving a lasting positive legacy for the communities we work in.

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