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Events Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all events undertaken in the name of the Lord’s Taverners and the Johnners Trust.

Ticket purchasing

Bookings for events will only be confirmed upon receipt of full payment, payment must be made in full prior to the event. We reserve the right to limit the number of places an individual may book for an event to avoid issues arising from potential over-subscription.

Members rate tickets can only be bought in respect of individuals who can be identified at the time of booking by way of their name and membership number, unless the specific booking arrangements for a particular event state otherwise. Not all events will include a reduced Members’ rate.

Early bird booking rates are only available where and on the terms specified within the individual event booking information. Not all events will include an early bird booking rate.


Where Lord’s Taverners receives a valid cancellation of a booking in writing to events@lordstaverners.org the following terms will apply.

30-60 days prior to the event date - 50% refund/credit of the full ticket price.
30 days or less before the event date - no refund/credit will be given.
Lord’s Taverners reserves the right to alter the arrangements as described due to unforeseen circumstances. 


Lord’s Taverners reserves the right to refuse admission to the event to any person under the age of 18 whose attendance has not been approved in advance in writing.


Speakers, performers, and entertainers advertised as part of an event are correct at the time of being advertised. We reserve the right to vary such appearances where they are subject to professional engagements.

Photography and Filming

By purchasing a ticket and attending an event you are agreeing to the fact that you may be included in photographs and film of the event that may be used in future advertising or through our internal and external communication channels. If you do not wish your images to be used in such a way then please inform the office before the event takes place at events@lordstaverners.org.

Where an individual is included as a single image, or where that individual is the main subject of the image, then we would gain your express consent to the use of that image as described above.


1. By bidding on any auction lot you are bound by these auction terms and conditions. 

2. It is confirmed and understood between all parties that this event is being run through Lord’s Taverners. All proceeds raised from the Lord’s Taverners event will be spent on furthering our goals and empowering young people through cricket. 

3. Bidders must be 18 years of age or older. 

4. When you place a bid you enter into a contractually binding obligation to complete the transaction if you are the winning bidder of that lot. The winning bidder in the live auction is the person deemed to be the highest bidder by the auctioneer at the end of the auction and the auctioneer’s decision is final. The winning bidder in the silent auction is the person whose bid is the highest when the silent auction closes. 

5. In the event that Lord’s Taverners receives bids of an identical amount for a particular lot and these bids are the highest for the lot at the auction, the lot will be sold to the bidder whose bid was received first. 

6. Unless specifically stated otherwise, the winner is responsible for all arrangements and costs required to take up the fulfilment of their lot, including, but not limited to, delivery costs, travel and accommodation costs, travel insurance and any other necessary documentation, including passports, immunisations and visas. 

7. Winning bidders must pay the amount due for their lot after the event by credit and debit card, BACS transfer or cheque. Lord’s Taverners must receive the amount due within 4 weeks of the date of the event. In the event that Lord’s Taverners does not receive the balance due by this date, it may deal with that lot in any way it so chooses (which may include re-auctioning the lot). 

8. No tax relief is applicable to any auction item. Winners are unable to pay for their lots via CAF America. 

9. Legal ownership in the lot will not pass to the winning bidder until full payment has been completed. 

10. Once a lot has been fully paid for, the winning bidder will be required to make arrangements to have the lot couriered post event (at Lord’s Taverners convenience) at a charge to the winning bidder. 

11. Any physical items not collected or delivered to a winning bidder within 6 months of the event date will be deemed as unwanted and will no longer be available. In this case, winning bidders will not be able to reclaim any monies in respect of the relevant lot and Lord’s Taverners may deal with that lot in any way if so chooses (which may include re-auctioning the lot). 

12. It is the responsibility of all bidders to ensure that, should they be the winning bidder, they comply with all applicable laws in carrying out, and have the necessary permissions or authorisations to carry out the activity specified in the bid, including (by way of example, not limitation) appropriate identification, travel visas and so on. 

13. Winning bidders will be given information setting out the details regarding claiming their lot following payment. 

14. Lord’s Taverners shall not be responsible for the description or condition of any lot. Bidders should inspect and satisfy themselves prior to the auction as to the condition and description of each lot, rely on their own judgement as to whether the lot accords with its description and not rely on any illustration or description in any catalogue provided. The bidder acknowledges that any statements (oral or written) made by Lord’s Taverners about any of the lots are opinions only and the bidder shall not rely on any such statements. 

15. Lord’s Taverners may change or withdraw any or all lots up until the time such lot is deemed to be sold. 

16. All lots may be subject to availability and to additional terms and conditions of the lot provider. 

17. Lord’s Taverners will not be liable for any circumstances that prevent a lot being taken up by the bidder. 

18. To the extent permitted by law, Lord’s Taverners does not accept any liability for loss, damages, claims or costs howsoever arising from or incurred wholly or partly by participation in the in the auction or taking up or failing to take up a lot. 

19. Whilst Lord’s Taverners believe that all auction items are genuine, it gives no warranty to such effect, and makes no warranties of any nature in respect of the lots. 

20. By providing personal information to Lord’s Taverners, bidders agree to it being used for the purpose of administrating the auction and being shared with Lord’s Taverners agents and lot providers, to enable delivery of the prize. 

21. In the case of a dispute between lot provider and a bidder, the parties may request Lord’s Taverners to determine the dispute. Lord’s Taverners, in its sole discretion, may: a.) Provide a resolution to the parties; or b.) Refer the dispute to an appropriate, independent party for resolution (such party to be agreed upon by the bidder and the lot provider); or c) Refuse the request on the grounds that the dispute is beyond Lord’s Taverners remit.

Personal data

We will hold your personal information, and any information provided in relation to your guests, for the purposes of proper administration of the arrangements surrounding the event. We will not use your personal data (as defined in our Privacy Policy) for any other purposes without your consent. In addition any sensitive personal data (such as access requirements or dietary requirements) will only be retained after the event with the express consent of the individual to whom that data relates.

By placing a bid in the auction and providing personal information to the Lord's Taverners, bidders agree to it being used for the purpose of administrating the auction and being shared with the Lord's Taverners agents and lot providers, to enable delivery of the prize where a prize is won.

Any queries in relation to these Terms and Conditions should be addressed to events@lordstaverners.org.

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