Our Impact

Promote Social Inclusion

We want everyone to feel that cricket is a game for them. By bringing communities together through cricket, we can break down stereotypes, perceptions and develop better relationships.

Bringing young people and communities together

We want young people with disabilities and from deprived areas to feel that cricket is a game for them. Our inclusive cricket programmes actively draw in young people facing the challenges of inequality to a community setting where they can be more active alongside others sharing similar life experiences. Participating in regular local cricket sessions gives young people involved, and their parents or carers, the chance to tackle these challenges together. 

"Wicketz has made me a better person"

Bilaal's Story

Wicketz is not just about cricket, it’s a catalyst for positive change and breaking down barriers in communities. For young people like Bilaal, it’s a pathway to enhancing social cohesion and learning essential life skills.


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