Lord’s Taverners kit recycling growing the global game

25th Jul 2016
Lord’s Taverners kit recycling growing the global game

The sound of leather on willow is not normally associated with countries such as Brazil, Gambia, Rwanda, Mexico and Romania, but it’s becoming ever more familiar thanks to the Lord’s Taverners Sports Kit Recycling programme.

In the past 12 months, more than 5,500 pieces of kit donated by manufacturers, clubs and members of the public has helped young people in countries around the world play cricket for the first time, increase participation while also reducing the build-up of kit in landfill sites.

In August, youngsters in Ghana and Germany received a fresh delivery of kit from the programme and its impact is clear to see as thousands of refugees look to play their favourite sport.

In Germany, the rise of the game has led to an increased need for recycled kit. Last year, more than 40,000 people from Afghanistan and Pakistan applied for asylum in the country and it left the German Cricket Federation with a simple question: “Where can I play.”

The Federation has been swamped with requests for equipment as new clubs have been quickly forming across the country and the Lord’s Taverners have been able to send out nearly 300kg of kit to help with the demand.

“We’ve been getting up to five enquiries per day from groups wanting to set up new clubs,” explained Deutschland Cricket Board (DCB) CEO Brian Mantle. “Often it’s from social workers who have never even heard of cricket before, groups of refugees started asking where they could play it.”

The Lord’s Taverners also supports Project Front Foot, who provide kit, coaching and age group matches for the children of Mumbai’s Dharavi slum.

In the past 12 months, the Lord’s Taverners have donated hundreds of kilograms of kit to youngsters across the globe, including to:

Cricket Brazil: 310kg
Gambia Cricket Association: 340kg
Mexico Cricket Association: 305kg
Germany: Deutsche Cricket Union – 295kg
Romania: Cricket Timis Academy – 210kg
Rwanda Cricket Association: 330kg

How can you help? As the cricket season draws to a close, if you have any unwanted kit or equipment or if your club is willing to become a collection hub, then the Lord’s Taverners would like to hear from you.

Your donations really do make a difference in young people’s lives around the world.

For more information about how you can donate your unwanted kit or how your club can become a collection hub, visit www.lordstaverners.org/sportskitrecycling.

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