One Year On | St Nicholas School

8th Feb 2017
One Year On | St Nicholas School

Last year, St Nicholas Special School in Canterbury benefitted from the support of the Lord's Taverners and were able to install a brand new Sensory Room in a dilapidated and relatively unused music room. One year on, the Lord's Taverners returned to discover just how profound the room has proven to be for the children and young people there who suffer from severe learning difficulties.

The room itself is a small space, but was kitted out with excellent Sensory equipment thanks to Lord's Taverners partners Experia. In addition to a colourfully lit bubble tube and an interactive floor mat that provides continuous excitement, the room is easily transformed into an incredibly calming environment thanks to sophisticated UV lighting and enchanting sound effects.

Headteacher Daniel Lewis, whom the Taverners interviewed when the room was officially unveiled in February last year was on hand to explain the positive impact the room has had.

"This Sensory Room has made a tremendous difference to the learning of numbers of children and young people with really significant disabilities. The room is used as an integral part of the curriculum, and a way for the pupils to understand cause and effect. We're very grateful to the Lord's Taverners for installing this room for us."

Watch the video below to see the full interview.

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