Recycled sports kit donated to 14 countries in 2017

20th Dec 2017
Recycled sports kit donated to 14 countries in 2017

The Lord’s Taverners Sports Kit Recycling programme has had a very successful year in 2017, with donated clothing and equipment helping people play sport in 14 countries, in four continents around the world. Your donations this year have helped give people in Antigua, Cameroon, Canada, Cuba, France, Gambia, Germany, India, Malawi, Namibia, Serbia, South Africa and the UK a sporting chance.

Over 4,000 items of sports clothing and equipment, weighing over 2.5 tonnes has been donated by individuals, clubs and organisations and distributed all over the world to help those in need. In order to better process and sort kit, a new storage and recycling facility was opened so that more kit can be sent out to benefit more people around the world.

The Lord’s Taverners have formed a new link with the Serbia Cricket Federation who have launched a new ‘Cricket for Migrants’ initiative aimed at the many immigrants and refugees originally from Afghanistan and Pakistan. The scheme aims to help integrate migrants into communities in Serbia, using cricket as a vehicle to help this process. Training sessions, friendly matches and tournaments have been organised in asylum centres all over the country, and donated kit from the Lord’s Taverners have helped make this possible.

Young cricketers at Urlings CC in Antigua, received their first ever set of cricket whites and equipment from the Lord’s Taverners this year. The game is now thriving at the club as a result. A children’s programme was set up for boys and girls aged 5-16 of all abilities, held every Friday. Inspired by the impact of cricket at the club, plans are now afoot to pay for a coach to train 4-5 players from each of the eight local village teams and become coaches. This is a fantastic development considering that, in the past, young people there had very little access to cricket due to it not being played at school or being part of low income families, often with one parent.

Another highlight this year was the opening of the now-iconic Rwanda Cricket Stadium in Kigali, at the end of October. The Lord’s Taverners donated over 1,000 pieces of cricket kit to the Rwanda Cricket Stadium Foundation, which has now become ‘Cricket Builds Hope’, a social action project that uses cricket to benefit the Rwandan community. Working with local government, Cricket Builds Hope has begun developing programmes specifically designed to help with social cohesion as well as targeting disadvantaged women and girls.

Cricket has played a vital role in uniting the country since the atrocities of the 1994 genocide - it has become one of the fastest growing sports in Rwanda, despite a shortage of adequate facilities, and is bringing people together. The stadium will provide a place for Rwandans of all ages to develop their cricket and implement the skills learned into their wider lives, as well as act as a vehicle to promote reconciliation.

To find out more about the sports kit recycling programme, and how to donate, please click here.

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