Life development course starts at Leyton Wicketz

21st Feb 2018
Life development course starts at Leyton Wicketz

Young people at Leyton and West Ham Wicketz hubs have been benefiting from a new programme that focuses on life skills and personal development called Empowering Young Minds (EYM). The course is designed to provide a forward thinking way of developing the thought processes and life skills of young people. The ten-week course was written, developed and is delivered by SNS Programmes in partnership with the Lord's Taverners, Capital Kids Cricket, Waltham Forest Council and the Essex County Cricket Board.

On 20 January, the course was launched at Leyton County Cricket ground, with participants from both West Ham and Leyton Wicketz hubs attending. Across the opening four weeks, 30 young people have completed the first module: Understanding themselves and people.

During this time, the course has taught them a number of key life skills, including; how to communicate effectively and why it's important to do so, how to identify their strengths and weaknesses and where they would like to develop as part of a personal development plan and how to use self-analysis as a method of developing themselves.

Far from being a typical classroom environment, Sumara Khan, the course leader, has ensured that the course achieves its goals through fun and inventive activities. From creating colourful posters to building their strengths and weakness out of Play-Doh, the participants are kept engaged throughout and cannot wait for the next class!

In the next two weeks, the young people will learn about making life decisions. Using a cricket match as a microcosm for the real world, they will develop their leadership skills, learn the importance of controlling their emotions and identify how making different decisions can lead to differing outcomes. This module will also feature a workshop with a local police officer. Developing on that, the course will then challenge the young people to look to the future as they look at how to develop a life plan, set goals and take actions to achieve them.

Wicketz is a community cricket programme helping hard-to-reach young people aged 8-16 living in areas of high deprivation with a focus on social cohesion and, by using courses like EYM, developing crucial life skills.


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