Internet safety workshop for Hartlepool youngsters

19th Mar 2018
Internet safety workshop for Hartlepool youngsters

Last week, participants at the two Hartlepool Wicketz hubs in Brierton and Millhouse took part in social media awareness workshops. The workshops were aimed at general awareness of social media and its power, as well as staying safe online.

The first part of the workshop looked to test the knowledge of the participants about the many different social media platforms that currently exist. Part of this was an interactive story about a young girl who was befriended on Facebook by someone she didn't know. The participants were asked a number of questions throughout the story to show understanding of the right way to take action if they were in a similar situation, this was demonstrated by holding up a card - green for yes and red for no.

The next part of the session saw the participants break into groups, and read a card containing 10 statements about things you can do online. They were asked to identify with smiley face stickers, the five safe things that they can do online and leave blank the five areas that were unsafe.

Workshops like this are one vital part of the Wicketz programme, which aims to tackle issues that negatively affect its participants and communities. Workshops that have run at other Wicketz hubs, both by Wicketz Development Officers and by local and national organisations such as the police and the fire service, include healthy living, gang and knife violence, rail safety and hate crime.

National Wicketz Project Manager, Dan Wilson, said: "It was a really engaging workshop and the young people, in my opinion, definitely went away knowing more about the power of social media as well as the potential dangers of the internet and general online safety than when they arrived."


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