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Alistair Subba Row steps down as Trustee

Alistair Subba Row has decided to retire as a Trustee with the Lord’s Taverners after six years in the role.

“Alistair has been hugely supportive during my term as chair and has been a great sounding board,” explained Chair of Trustees Tim Luckhurst. “He has always been highly committed to the charity and our vision to empower young people through cricket while his property knowledge has been invaluable in leading our relocation project and hugely exciting move to our new offices in Victoria… and I’m pleased to say he will continue to advise us and offer his expertise in this area.

“On behalf of the Trustees, I’d like to say a huge thank you to Alistair for his dedication and hard work on the Trustee board and given his long family history of supporting the Taverners, I know he will continue to be a regular supporter of events throughout the country.”

As an appointed Trustee, the nominations committee will now take the time to review the skill set on the board before leading the recruitment process.

Speaking about his time as a Trustee, Alistair said: “I look back on my time as a Trustee with great fondness. The transformation of any organisation is a difficult one, but the Taverners needed to adapt to a new way forward. We continue to run incredible programmes and can be very proud of the number of young we support across the country.

“I will continue to support the fundraising events where I can and I wish everyone associated with the Taverners every success going forward.”


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