FabLittleBag Partnership

We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with FabLittleBag – an organisation who are committed to actively creating supportive period environments in schools, sports clubs, hospitality, and workplaces.

The idea behind FabLittleBag was born out of a transformative experience by it’s founder that led to a profound solution. Today, FabLittleBag stands as a testament to the power of one idea and their commitment to drive change.

Within the partnership, we will work with FabLittleBag to eradicate a common barrier that stops women and girls from playing and enjoying cricket, tackle period poverty and continue to increase participation and opportunities for women and girls.

Katie Holland, Lord’s Taverners Youth engagement co-ordinator expressed: We are thrilled to be partnering with FabLittleBag, which is an exciting and essential step in our commitment to including and empowering more women and girls through cricket. At the Lord’s Taverners we are passionate about creating inclusive environments where girls feel safe and comfortable, so that they can enjoy cricket, make new friends, and of course, have fun!

During focus groups last year, over half of our female participants told us that periods were a barrier to them and their friends playing cricket. No girl should miss doing something they enjoy because of their period; by partnering with FabLittlebag, and providing free period products to our young people at every session, we are helping to remove this barrier to participation.

Martha Silcott, CEO and Founder of FabLittleBag shared: FabLittleBag is so happy to be partnering with one of crickets most treasured charities, Lord’s Taverners. The work they do is admirable, special and positively impacts so many young people facing the challenges of inequality. Joining our Period Supportive Movement means that managing periods for these young people is no longer a challenge or barrier to playing the sport they love. Having our coaches bags at every event and session they do means that everyone can manage periods easily and without fuss, disposal is easy, regardless of the facilities, barriers are removed and taboos broken. The synergy of what we want to achieve is wonderful and I am very excited by this partnership.”


For more information about the Lord’s Taverners commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, click here

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Empowering young women and girls through cricket

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