Programmes update – Wicketz and Super 1s activity can resume outdoors

Following the latest UK Government announcements and Friday’s release of the updated ECB Cricket Guidance, we can confirm that Wicketz and Super 1s can now start to be delivered outdoors in England, Scotland and Wales.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be looking to get as many outdoor hubs as possible restarted but for others that are not normally located outdoors, there still remains restrictions to delivery.

People living with disabilities can take part in organised sport indoors, however there is limited guidance for this and many indoor venues remain closed. Given this and where we are in the year, we are limiting delivery at the moment to outdoors only and will review on a case-by-case if required.

Table Cricket can be delivered in educational settings if a school is willing and able. For the interim, across all of our programmes we expect a mixture of planning, online and physical delivery. Current restrictions will be reviewed on 12 April (at the earliest) which may see further increases to delivery.

Read the full details that were sent to our delivery partners here.

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