Super 1s award winners inspire

The 2019 Super 1s awards night at the home of cricket proved to be a memorable occasion as four individuals who participate on the Super 1s programme were recognised for their special achievements in the last year.

Former Sky Sports presenter Marcus Buckland hosted the evening and before we got to meet the award winners themselves we heard from Bradley Donovan, who heads up Super 1s in Essex, and former participant, Sam Alderson. Both spoke brilliantly about their experiences in cricket as a young person living with a disability. Not only do they play the game but they are also qualified coaches who have become fantastic role models for anyone living with a disability, showing everyone what you can achieve, not what you can’t.

The four Inspire awards were presented to those who have encapsulated what Super 1s is all about in 2019 and it was York’s Kian James, Burgess Hill’s Callum Wolff, Hackney’s Shannon Constantinou and Bexley’s Lewis Williams who were invited to the stage to pick up their well deserved awards on the night. Below is a brief insight into each award winner and why they picked up their awards:  

Kian James (York)
Kian has only been involved in the Super 1s programme for 12 months, but he has made great progress in that time, both individually, and in supporting the other young people at his hub to feel more included. Whilst overcoming his own challenges, he has also helped others understand and deal with theirs in a more positive manner.

Callum Wolff (Burgess Hill)
Callum has played a genuinely vital role in helping to grow the hub that he attends every week. His ability to not only help and encourage new participants, but also to adapt sessions to cater for a range of abilities and disabilities is a real testament to his growing skills as a coach. These skills, as well as his proactive and positive outlook, truly show that no one should be defined by their disability.

Shannon Constantinou (Hackney)
Shannon has been part of the Super 1s programme almost since it began. She has attended just about every weekly session for over five years, won finals at Lord’s, and even gone kayaking in the New Forest. But this award recognised what she has contributed, not only as part of the Super 1s programme, but also away from the cricket sessions and competitions. The friendships that have been built at her hub now extend far beyond cricket, and that would not be possible without Shannon’s enthusiasm and support. By ensuring that the group also get together away from their hub, her teammates feel less isolated.

Lewis Williams (Bexley)
Lewis has been involved with the programme for over two years. Over that time, he has become a real leader at his local hub session, supporting other participants, and setting a fantastic example. He attended the Super 1s residential this summer, where he once again showed his leadership skills by assisting young people who he had never met before. He is a great role model and embodies exactly what the Super 1s programme is all about.

Watch the below video on the impact Super 1s is having across the UK.

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