Table Cricket update

Following the latest news on the easing of COVID restrictions in England we can now begin to deliver table cricket within schools, colleges and other educational environments under the policy and procedures they have in place.


Each school or college are entitled to adopt their own stance on external delivery and how this should take place to conform to their own guidance. Some schools may not wish to have any external deliverers on their premises and therefore we will not be able to deliver.

Delivery remains limited to these environments only, and prior to any delivery there must be consultation with the school or college to ensure their COVID regulations are met.

Where schools and colleges are operating within ‘bubbles’, we can deliver table cricket under their operating guidance as long as it's within one ‘bubble’ at a time. In this case, it will mean that we’ll be able to deliver table cricket as normal within a single ‘bubble’.

Full details provided to our county boards on table cricket returning can be viewed here.

Updates on the delivery of Wicketz and Super 1s are expected from 22 March.


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