The Final Word

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What is The Final Word?

Geoff Lemon and Adam Collins are The Final Word – a pair of cricket broadcasters and writers travelling the world to cover the strangest and loveliest game of all. We try to give cricket the reverence and irreverence it deserves: from match analysis to philosophy, deep-dive interviews with interesting people, and always returning to the absurd and entertaining side of the game. In 2020 The Final Word was named the best cricket podcast in the world in the Wisden Almanack.

In partnership with the Tavs

Our valued partnership with The Final Word and their listeners plays a huge role to raise awareness of the charity and also help raise vital funds to support the work to provide free, inclusive and impactful cricket programmes for young people with disabilities and from disadvantaged communities to overcome the challenges of inequality and reach their potential. We would like to thank both Adam and Geoff for their ongoing support and to The Final Word team of supporters for all their efforts which is helping to empower thousands of young people through cricket.


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