What is Wicketz?

Wicketz is a free community cricket programme initially targeting young people aged 8-16, living in deprived communities. By establishing sustainable community cricket hubs, we provide year-round weekly cricket sessions with a focus on developing crucial life skills, creating stronger communities and enabling brighter futures for those taking part. We look to;

  • Develop participant's physical and mental well-being

  • Promote positive life choices

  • Enhance the future prospects of participants

  • Increase community cohesion

How does it work?

Each Wicketz project has a dedicated Development Officer who is responsible for the running of multiple local hubs within the area. They work closely with the young people that come along to the sessions, many of whom are from hard-to-reach groups including young offenders, refugees and excluded pupils.

How does it help young people?

Through cricket, Wicketz aims to tackle local issues affecting young people. Alongside cricket coaching and games, the young people taking part have the chance to learn from community leaders, local authorities and others. Specially designed workshops also boost wellbeing, social education, community awareness and develop new sporting and life skills.

Last year, over 1,700 disadvantaged young people engaged with Wicketz, with 44% of them becoming regular participants.

We run weekly coaching sessions in 19 locations around the UK. The programme has expanded this year with new projects launching in Hull, Southampton and South Wales. In addition to these new projects, the Lord's Taverners deliver the programme in the areas highlighted on the map below.

For more details about the programme please contact Dan Wilson on 0203 889 7516, or via email.

CASE STUDY: Police engagement in Redditch

Redditch suffers from a lot of problems with organised crime, drug supply, violence and young people on the verge of being radicalised. Since the introduction of Wicketz in 2016, there’s been a significant reduction in crime and anti-social behaviour, according to West Mercia Police. See more in the below video.