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The Lord's Taverners is the UK's leading youth cricket and disability sports charity, founded in 1950 at the Tavern pub at Lord's Cricket Ground. Supporting some of the most marginalised and at risk young people in the UK, the charity works to enhance lives through sport and recreation, giving young people a sporting chance.

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Patron and Twelfth Man

HRH The Duke of Edinburgh (1921-2021)

The Duke of Edinburgh, a big cricket fan, has been Patron and Twelfth Man of the Lord’s Taverners since 1950, the same year the charity was founded. Along with his ongoing support of the charity at fundraising events and playing for the Taverners XI, he was also instrumental in introducing the Lord's Taverners ECB Trophy which is presented annually to the cricket county champions. The trophy was introduced in 1973 with the Duke having recognised that until that time, the champions had never received a physical trophy so he decided to introduce one.


David Gower

David Gower became the 40th Lord's Taverners President in 2020, succeeding Sir Trevor McDonald in the role. Former England cricket captain Gower, who played 117 tests for his country and scored 8,231 runs, has been a long-term supporter of the charity having joined as a member in 1983.


Tim Luckhurst (Chairman)
Sandra Verkuyten OBE (Vice Chair)
Suzy Christopher
Mike Gatting OBE
Gordon Kennedy
Ian Martin
Julie Norris
Caj Sohal
Alistair Subba Row
John Taylor
Richard White, FCA

Richard White, FCA

Registered office
90 Chancery Lane
London WC2A 1EU
Tel: 020 7025 0000

Registered Company no. 582579 (registered in England and Wales)

Registered Charity
England and Wales no. 306054
Scotland no. SCO46238

The Lord's Taverners is governed by its Articles of Association.

The Articles of Association require the Charity to be managed by the Trustees who are also directors of the Company. The Trustees comprise:

Seven Elected Trustees who are elected by voting Members of the Lord's Taverners in annual elections, and serve for a three-year term. One-third of the elected Trustees retire each year. Retiring Trustees are eligible for re-election up to a maximum of a further two consecutive terms (i.e. nine years in total).

Up to Five Appointed Trustees who are appointed by Trustees after consultation with the Nominations Committee who are selected on the basis of skills and experience and who serve for terms of up to three years. They can be reappointed subject to a maximum of nine consecutive years.

The Trustees meet at least quarterly. The day to day management of the Charity is the responsibility to the Chief Executive and executive team. Supporting the fundraising and grant-making work of the Charity are volunteer committees serviced by the executive staff.

Memberships & Regions

Our Members are drawn from the world of entertainment, sport, the arts, the professions and commerce. A significant proportion of our fundraising each year is attributable to our all-volunteer regions. Each region organises its own fundraising events. Regional Members also play an important role in supporting the grant assessment process, visiting many applicants to help assess their need. The dedication of our Regional Committees and Members is a major strength of the organisation as a whole. Rules governing our Membership are laid out in the Association's Bye-laws.

Charitable Programmes

Charitable Programmes Committee , which meets quarterly, is the Trustees' delegated Committee for overseeing all of the Charity’s activities, including the management of programmes, assessment of impact, and the awarding of grants. It works closely with the Director of Charitable Programmes and her team. Further details of our Charitable Programmes can be found in our annual Impact Report.

Governance and Audit

The Governance and Audit Committee has overall responsibility for governance within the Charity. It includes a Trustee representative on the Committee and  reports to the Trustees on governance matters generally, including regular reviews of policies, risk, and Charity Commission and other regulatory guidance as it arises.. It meets both prior to and following the annual audit of the accounts, as well as at other times during the year as deemed necessary.

Risk Management

The Trustees, with the support of the Executive and the Governance and Audit Committee in particular, continually assess the risks to which the Charity is exposed, in particular those related to the delivery of programmes to young people, marketing and communications, the staging of events and other matters as theya re identified. The Trustees are currently satisfied that there are systems in place to manage exposure to major risk.

Our Policies

Please see the below links to Lord's Taverners policies:

General Complaints Policy

Members' Complaints Policy

Whistleblowers Policy

Brian Johnston Memorial Trust

The Lord's Taverners is a Corporate Trustee of the Brian Johnston Memorial Trust and has the power to appoint its other Trustees. The Trust raises funds to enable financial support to be given to young cricketers with the potential to succeed in the game, who are in financial need, as well as to cricket for the visually impaired


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Click here to view our 2020 Annual Report (PDF - 2MB)
Click here to view our Articles of Association (PDF - 300KB)
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