Group photo of all the children and stakholders posing infront of a green minibus

London youngsters benefit from new Lord's Taverners minibus

Pupils from Oaklands School in Isleworth are celebrating this week after receiving a new accessible minibus from the Lord’s Taverners.

Gordon Kennedy, star of BBC’s Robin Hood and President of the Lord’s Taverners Middlesex region, handed over the keys to the new minibus to the school which caters for pupils with severe learning difficulties.

The new specially adapted minibus is essential for enabling students access to the local community which is crucial in the development of the pupils’ social skills. The visits will help pupils learn essential life skills for future independent living while also accessing sports and recreation facilities within their community.

Since 1976, the Lord’s Taverners has placed over 1,150 accessible minibuses across schools in the UK. The iconic Lord’s Taverners minibuses provide disadvantaged and disabled young people with the chance to engage with their local community by getting more access to the facilities on offer and build important life skills in the process.

Paul Robin, Chief Executive of the Lord’s Taverners, added:

“The Lord's Taverners believes that sport and recreation are essential for all young people, regardless of ability or background. This minibus will help the pupils to get out and enjoy new places and experiences in Isleworth. We are proud to support the staff, parents and young people of Oaklands School.”

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