Online Wicketz life skills workshop delivery

The Wicketz programme is continuing to develop key life skills beyond cricket for young people in areas of the UK where opportunities are harder to come by, despite the current restrictions due to the pandemic.

During the recent November lockdown we had to focus solely on online delivery, and Wicketz Development Officers have been putting the hard yards in to ensure that we continue providing crucial life skills workshops for young people on the programme.

Online workshops focussing on mental health and healthy living have taken place in Glasgow and more recently, we’ve seen young people in Lancashire take part in Q&As with professional cricketers Karl Brown, Tom Hartley and Mattie McKiernan. While physical activities such as kick-boxing and cricket drills have been keeping participants fit and healthy from the safety of their own homes.

Last week, participants from Bristol, Nottingham, Plymouth and the West Midlands took part in an online healthy eating workshop delivered by JumpStart where they learned to cook their own takeaway style chicken together with a range of home exercises to keep active while dinner is in the oven.

Take a look at the video below where you can follow along so you can try it yourself at home over the holiday season.

Make your own healthy takeaway style dinner

Screenshot 2020-12-11 at 14.38.38.png

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