Accessible Minibuses

Case Study | Bexley Snap

18 months after their minibus was first donated, the new vehicle is still making a difference to young people living with disabilities at the Kent school. We spoke to Rose Robb, director at Bexley Snap about the impact of their minibus.

”One parent from a family we support is a single parent and she is not a confident driver. She has a six-year-old son living with autism and a 10-year-old daughter who has very few friends due to the behaviour and demands of her brother. The family were extremely isolated, with Mum very anxious about going out because of how her son would behave and the public judgement that may come as a result.

“With Bexley Snap’s early years and siblings projects, the whole family have benefitted from going out on every trip they can in our Lord’s Taverners minibus. With the combined support of Bexley Snap staff and other families, the daughter has made friends with other siblings and the whole family’s life has been enriched by new places and experiences. In a huge step forward Mum’s confidence is building to the point where she is now considering taking her family back to one of the venues she visited in the minibus.”

Rose Robb, Director at Bexley Snap (Kent)

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