Transport is a vital lifeline for all special educational needs (SEN) schools and organisations. The Lord’s Taverners green minibuses are probably the most iconic and visible manifestation of what we do, and we are extremely proud to have been providing them to schools and organisations across the UK since 1976.

Why they are so vital to our work

Our minibuses not only provide an essential means of getting students to and from school, they also greatly enhance the curriculum and learning of young people, who benefit from engaging with the local community and accessing a wider range of sporting and recreational activities.

Our minibuses are often specially adapted, with features such as tail lifts or unfolding steps. These changes make a big difference, allowing young people with a disability to get on and off the bus more easily and making the transition into the passenger seats much more comfortable.

In accessing a wider range of activities and events, the minibuses play a vital role in building confidence, social skills and a sense of independence. In the longer term, this helps to better equip young people to live enjoyable, fulfilling and independent lives.


Lakeside School

Child laughing behind the wheel of a minibus
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Case Studies

Find out how our famous green minibuses are vital in helping students develop, become more independent and access a range of activities in the community.

Applying for a minibus

Update January 2023

Due to continued delays in the manufacture of new transits we are not accepting new applications. Our priority during 2023 and 2024 is to clear our current waiting list.

For further information please contact us via


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1200th minibus presented to Limpsfield Grange

Group photo of all the children and stakholders posing infront of a green minibus
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