EGM Update

An update from our EGM held on the 31 May.

At an EGM held on 31 May 2022 the members approved the following main changes to the Articles of the Charity:

  1. That the nominations committee would be able to check the eligibility of candidates for elections to ensure that they had the right skills to fill a current vacancy;
  2. That the mix of Trustees would change to nine appointed Trustees, and three elected by the members;
  3. That the terms of the Chair and Vice-Chair would extend to three years, renewable once, from two years, renewable once.

As a result of the passing of resolution 2, certain existing elected Trustees will be redesignated as appointed Trustees. This redesignation will be reviewed by the Nominations Committee and further details will be published on the website in due course.

The meeting was held as hybrid, enabling members to log on remotely, follow proceedings, ask questions, and vote in real time. The technology worked and the charity is planning to make further use of this at future meetings.


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