Programmes Update

Following the latest UK Government national lockdown, all organised recreational cricket activity indoors and outdoors is suspended until further notice.

This means that all physical delivery for our Super 1s and Wicketz programmes has been suspended from 5 January 2021, including both Scotland and Wales. Our focus for these programmes will be through online engagement and delivery of online sessions.

With schools closing, Table Cricket will also be limited to online delivery. Prior to Christmas, we had success in running online sessions to train teachers so they could then deliver within their schools. We are encouraging all our partners to try and work online with teachers as much as possible.

As always, these measures have been taken to ensure that we are compliant with the latest UK Government guidance, ensuring the safety of our participants, delivery partners and workforce. The situation will be under review and we will notify all delivery partners as soon as there are changes.

To view our online hubs set up for each of our cricket programmes in lockdown to stay active at home, please follow the below links:

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