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Wicketz festival impact

Over 200 young people from disadvantaged communities in England, Scotland and Wales participated in the return of our Wicketz Festivals this August.

The boys under 15 (Repton School), over 15 (Malvern College) and girls aged 8-16 (Repton School) festivals saw participants represent each of our 17 projects from Plymouth to Glasgow with the respective three day residentials tailored to each group of participants.

Throughout the residential experience, where for many involved this would have been their first time spending multiple nights away from home, participants were educated on the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion. This ran alongside soft ball and hard ball cricket competitions, and life skills workshops with focuses on mental health, money management,
employability, nutrition and healthy eating, youth voice and empowerment, first aid, social media awareness and team building.


Through Wicketz we break down barriers, create stronger communities and enable brighter futures for the young people taking part. This is highlighted in the feedback participants gave us following their festivals and in the remarkable Scarlett's story below:

Scarlett's Story

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