Empowering Young Women & Girls Through Cricket

We're hitting inequality for six

Despite the fact that women have played the game for just as long as men, cricket has traditionally been seen as a 'male' sport: Women get paid less, receive less media coverage and overall have less access too. 

We believe everyone should have equal access to the sport we love, particularly those facing the challenges of inequality. By creating inclusive programmes and safe spaces to take part in, we encourage more equal participation… or even the formation of an independent young girls team!


Meet the women and girls from Luton

Our Luton Wicketz women and girls hub started in October 2021, where just 15 participants were attending in the earlier days of its existence, but now we are seeing over 30 girls taking part in Wicketz sessions every week.

In addition to this, we currently have four female coaches leading the hub, with two more currently undertaking their coaching qualification to join the team. This ensures that every female participant taking part now, and for those who will join in the future, has a number of female role models to look up to and follow.

This journey through Wicketz has led to the formation of the respective Luton Women and Girls Cricket Club in January 2022, who now compete in the Home Counties Women's Cricket League.

Watch this video to find out more about their story.

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Woodlands Academy Girls PE Sessions


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Wicketz Stories

Bristol Girls Only Hub

Western Storm player Mollie Robbins recently visited the new Wicketz Bristol all girls hub.


The Need

Female.png 1.9m girls in England and Wales aged 8–18 are in the bottom half of the Index of Multiple Deprivation decile
volunteer_activism-24px.svg 43% of girls aged 11-16 are more likely to have experienced a decline in mental health than boys the same age (34%)
Inequalities.png 4.3m people aged 8-18 living in England and Wales are at risk of inequality

"I’m very grateful to the Wicketz programme for supporting me to develop as an individual."

Sara initially got into cricket through our Wicketz programme in Southampton, but has since gone on to coach, score, officiate and drive positive change particularly for young women in the sport.

Hear more about her incredible journey through Wicketz.

Sara (1)

Scarlett's Story


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