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Match Bingo Launch

We have partnered with Match Bingo to provide you with an exciting new way to support us whilst enjoying sports at the same time!

We're delighted to announce that we have partnered with Match Bingo to help launch their new Cricket Bingo!

By playing Match Bingo you’re helping to support the Lord's Taverners with 50% of all money raised through the paid for games (after costs) is donated straight to us.


Match Bingo brings together the best of live sports and bingo in app-based games including the nation's most popular football fixtures, allowing you to raise funds for your favourite causes whilst you play.

With the popularity of Football Bingo in the app, Match Bingo have now launched Cricket Bingo where you can support our charity throughout the Indian Premier League and T20 Vitality Blast competitions, to be in with a chance of winning amazing prizes every game and competition jackpots.


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Please do not download the app and try to log-in before signing up using the link below. If you do, your account may not be linked to the Lord's Taverners.

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Match Bingo FAQs

How does it work?

Match Bingo takes the events that happen in real life sports games and converts them into events on a bingo card. Cards are randomly generated with an equal probability of winning across all cards. Cards can only be purchased before the start of the game. 

By combining bingo and sport we make the bingo game more tantalising and the sports event more engaging.

How much money goes to the charity?

After prizes are paid out the charity receives 50% of the revenue. 

Who can play?

To play you need to be 18+ and live in the UK. All players must pass a series of checks before being allowed to deposit and play.

Isn’t Match Bingo just gambling?

No. At Match Bingo we believe and practise Gaming for Good. Our games are designed as digital sports games which give to good causes. The principal motivation for our players is the donation to charity. Our prizes are our gift back to our donors.

What about problem gambling. Doesn’t this encourage it?

No. Match Bingo limits the number of cards that people can buy to 5 per sports fixture and only offers games on selected sports competitions. 

Match Bingo is a game of chance, not choice. It is similar to buying a lottery ticket rather than placing a bet.

The sports calendar dictates when you can play Match Bingo, reducing the opportunity to engage in negative gambling. Problem gambling usually occurs when games can be played repeatedly, or with high states. Neither of these are possible with Match Bingo.

We have strict deposit limits in place on the app and safer gambling features to make sure that Match Bingo is a fun game that does good. 

Who are Match Bingo affiliated with?

Match Bingo is an independent company with no affiliation to any gambling companies. 

Jackpot and monthly prizes are provided by RTSB, owner of Match Bingo, and promoted across all RTSB charity partners. Cards are no more than £2 each, T&Cs apply, maximum 5 cards per match, players must be 18+.

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