For many young people with a severe physical or learning disability, particularly wheelchair users, participating in cricket and other forms of sport is not possible. Table Cricket provides the opportunity to play in a competitive game of cricket. The emphasis is on teamwork and sportsmanship in an informal and enjoyable environment.

What is table cricket?

Table cricket is an adapted version of cricket, played on a table tennis table and specially designed to give young disabled people the chance to play and compete in the sport we all love.

How does it work?

This is a very strategic game! There are different scoring zones around the table and, just like in regular cricket, fielders have to be carefully positioned to prevent runs or to get the batter out.

Teams of six take it in turn to bowl or bat, with the bowler using a ramp to deliver the ball (either a regular ball that runs true or a weighted one that swings around). The batter scores by hitting the ball into the scoring zones, avoiding the fielders if they can!

How does it help young people?

Alongside the enjoyment of playing the game and competing, table cricket has been shown to develop teamwork and social skills among players. For the young volunteers involved in coaching and umpiring, table cricket helps to develop self-confidence and enhances their future employment prospects.

In addition to the obvious health benefits, participation in sport can be life-changing for young people, playing a major role in personal development and social integration. It has been found to improve self-confidence and motivation, expand life skills and independence, enhance communication and social skills, build lasting friendships, and bring families together.

Watch highlights from the 2018 National Table Cricket Finals at Lord's Cricket Ground:

National Final 2018 Winners: Ralph Thoresby, Yorkshire

2018/19 County Competitions:

13.03.19 - Cumbria - Penrith Leisure Centre, Penrith
13.03.19 - Scotland - Bells Sports Centre, Perth
14.03.19 - Leicestershire - Leicestershire County Cricket Ground
15.03.19 - Yorkshire - St Mary School, Hull
20.03.19 - Scotland - Drummond School, Inverness
26.03.19 - Cambridgshire - Gretton School, Cambridge
26.03.19 - Northumberland - The Swan Centre, Berwick-Upon-Tweed
27.03.19 - Devon - The Life Centre, Plymouth
27.03.19 - Scotland - Venue TBC, Glasgow
04.04.19 - Devon - Devon Cricket Centre, Exeter University
01.05.19 - Berkshire - Addington School, Reading

CASE STUDY: Ben Cloake

Ben Cloake (19) represents Valence School in our National Table Cricket competition. He tells us how table cricket has increased his confidence and given him a new found love of sport!


There is now a scoring app available for you to download for Apple iOS and Android devices. Please use the links below to find out more and download.

Download table cricket scoring app for Apple devices.
Download table cricket scoring app for Android devices.

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How to set up and play table cricket: 


For more information about table cricket please email Liz Kuda, Table Cricket Administrator, or call on 020 7025 0033.