In 2023 we achieved amazing things together!

Read our latest Impact Report below.

Impact Report

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Participation in Lord’s Taverners programmes over the past year has more than doubled – with 92% of all the young people engaged feeling more included as part of the free and inclusive cricket sessions.

Our latest Impact Report, published today, evidences the reach and life-changing impact of our work on young people facing the challenges of inequality across our disability and community cricket programmes.

In 2022/23 we worked in over 200 locations across the UK and empowered more than 23,000 young people with disabilities and from disadvantaged communities to develop the knowledge, skills, capabilities and confidence required to reach their potential.

With your support, we’re also now offering our disability cricket programme, Super 1s, in every county, Scotland and Wales – and been able to take adapted cricket to 400 new Special Educational Needs and Disability Schools (SEND) with work already underway to deliver in hundreds more.

Across our programmes, we’ve also seen a 42% increase in female participation and delivered nearly 400 life skills workshops focusing on areas such as wellbeing, social education, community awareness, promoting positive life choices and employment.

We measured our success in the past year through the following outcomes:

  • Improve activity levels and promote healthy lifestyles.
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem.
  • Promote social inclusion.

Our Impact Report demonstrates that:

  • 91% of participants felt more active.
  • 88% felt more confident.
  • 92% felt more included.

Every day our work breaks down barriers and gives young people a chance to flourish, creating a safe and inclusive environment where they belong, but there is much more we will do to learn about the impact of our work.

Our programmes are inclusive and safe environments for young people from all backgrounds to participate in cricket and feel like they belong. As illustrated in the report, our participants and their families are telling us how important our work through cricket is and what a positive impact we are having in communities across the UK.” explained Lord’s Taverners CEO Mark Curtin.

There is so much incredible work being done as a charity in conjunction with county boards, foundations and Development Officers across the country to ensure we’re making the game as accessible as possible while empowering young people facing the challenges of inequality to fulfill their potential. But we know we can do more to better define, capture and tell the story of our work and the positive impact it has on participants.

As such, over the next 12 months, we will be working with industry leaders Trust Impact to continue developing how we measure our impact and develop our pathway of change framework – allowing us to more robustly demonstrate the return on investment we deliver and the leading role that we play in empowering young people through cricket.


Impact Report

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